CCI scalping FOREX strategy

This system’s rules are easy to follow despite how slightly intimidating the indicators are laid out on the chart. The only thing to look for in a buy trade is for a green arrow on the CCI Histogram and a green dot on the CCI Zero indicator. The exit is on the nearest upper pivot point line. Now you have another helpful tool at your disposal. The CCI oscillator is very useful to identify cyclical buying and selling points. For better results, you need to accurately identify a time interval and complement CCI with other technical instruments.

With CCI, Forex traders look to buy when CCI crosses above -100. To use the two indicators, firstly, tweak the RSI parameters to a 30 period RSI in place of the default 14 periods. The change in settings helps insulate against short term price fluctuations that can be misleading. Similarly, add a 50 line on the RSI indicator in addition to the default 70 and 30 trend lines that indicate overbought and oversold conditions. Just like the RSI indicator, the CCI indicator can be used to ascertain overbought and oversold market conditions on given security under study. Whenever the CCI indicator reading is above +100, the same implies a strong uptrend is beginning, signaling overbought conditions.

cci forex

Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. We are dedicated to demystify the world of forex trading for you – no matter what level you are on. This strategy does not include a stop-loss, although it is recommended to have a built-in cap on risk to a certain extent.

The Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average is a unique indicator that automatically adapts to the market’s noise. Here I explain its inner workings and show you how to build a trend following strategy around it. This confluence with the optimization results gives me confidence that the strategy is logically sound. In other words, the 5 and 80-period CCIs are likely effective at detecting pullbacks in long-term trends. It is encouraging that all 181 optimizations are profitable, and that the average profit is over 9000 pips.

The Commodity Channel Index belongs to the category of oscillators; it can predict price change and fluctuation within a specific trading range. Place you stop loss below the swing low or if the candlesticks is quite long, then place it anywhere from 5-10 pips below the low of that candlestick. But today we are going to just focus hycm review on trading the CCI divergence. Request the Ultimate Double Top/Bottom Indicator which is used by 10,000+ traders. In other words, if the CCI Histogram extends a green arrow , this must be supported by a green CCI Zero dot, and the opposite applies for a sell signal. There are several ways of how to use CCI to define entry signals.

Forex Profit Supreme MT4 Indicator & Trading System Explained

If you are a fan of the CCI indicator, then you might want to take a look at the free CCI EA that I have developed. It can automatically analyse charts for buy and sell signals based on various CCI trading strategies. axitrader review Some online traders may even apply additional lines +/- 200, +/- 300 to the scale as well. If the price, for example, exceeded the level of +200, then this signals a state of very strong overbought.

cci forex

And when it has reached those extremes, traders interpret it as a weakening trend or an opportunity for a reversal trade. If CCI is above the +200 level, this means that the trend is losing momentum, so don’t initiate any long trades. At the same time, CCI moving up between 0 and +100 is a sure sign that the trend is stable and going short is out of the question. The indicator is based on a very simple but highly effective CCI calculation.

How Do Traders Use the CCI Indicator?

You have helped me to use it in a very positive way. I have tried a couple of the CCI variations you have on your site and I am very impressed with the results I get with the FX_Snipers charts. I like understanding the underlying principles for charts which is why I have to come to your site. Do you have more info about the FX_Snipers charts? Yours is the only place I have even been able to find these indicators . 6 – Price enters an oversold zone (below -100), which tells us that a downtrend is already running strong.

cci forex

Please note that trading, especially margin trading contains high risks of losing a deposit. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved. To contact the author please use the email address below. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

For example, if you were using a 7-period CCI on the 5-minute charts, you would get lots of entries but many of them would be false signals. If you were using a 21-period CCI on the 4-hour charts, you will get much less signals but they will probably be more reliable. A detrended price oscillator is an oscillator that strips out price trends in an effort to estimate the length of price cycles from peak to peak or trough to trough. The Commodity Channel Index​ is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine when an investment vehicle is reaching a condition of being overbought or oversold. Price action traders would answer these questions by drawing a channel and observing the price action.

Also, read trading discipline which is also a most important skill for successful trading. The reason why the CCI formula uses a constant of 0.015 is to ensure that the CCI value would not fall between -100 and +100 that often. But, of course, that the CCI values are dependent of other variables such as the look-back period. We will enter the trade on bearish candle that caused CCI to fall below -100 line. Plot all of the indicators in 5 min char of any major currency pair.

CCI overbought & oversold zones

The CCI is primarily used for spotting new trends, watching for overbought and oversold levels, and spotting weakness in trends when the indicator diverges with price. The CCI is an unbounded oscillator, meaning it can go higher or lower indefinitely. The CCI indicator or the commodity channel index indicator, as we have just learned is an oscillator.

  • For example, when using multiple timeframes, make the strategy more stringent by only taking long positions on the shorter timeframe when the longer-term CCI is above +100.
  • Since 1980 when CCI indicator was first introduces, traders have found lots of ways to interpret CCI and expand trading rules.
  • The Kelly criterion is a famous mathematical formula that attempts to maximize your long-term capital growth.
  • Traders often use the CCI on the longer-term chart to establish the dominant trend and on the shorter-term chart to isolate pullbacks and generate trade signals.

I have found success using a 5-period SMA of the CCI. Since we want to focus on trends that display signs of continuation, we will place buy stops at the previous bar’s high. So a long signal will occur when the 80-period CCI is above +100, and the 5-period CCI is below -100.

Step #5: Take profit if CCI touches 200 or if CCI drops below the zero level. Whichever happens first.

Nevertheless, results were a very dismal -35.0% net annualized return. The commission for trading the index fund, SPY, is set at $7.00. Some brokers will charge more or less, but this what TD Ameritrade is charging at the time of this writing.

How to use CCI indicator for Day Trading

The net annualized return was 3.3%, due to the increase in the value of the GBP from about $1.50 to 1.90. As is typical with currencies, the increase in value hasn’t been permanent and the current quote of GBP/USD is $1.34 (a/o 6/7/18). On the long & short side, a similarly large amount of rollover interest was paid out on the long positions – $2,503.

The net effect of rollover interest was -$925 or -18.5%. Nothing to sneeze at, but not nearly as devastating to returns as it was for the long-only trading strategy. Also similar to the long-only trading strategy was the ratio of profitable to unprofitable trades – 26 to 31 respectively.

However, it is strongly recommended to use other indicators as filters to increase odds of success. Pivot points work well power trend with the CCI because both methods attempt to find turning points. Some traders also add moving averages into the mix.

Traders use this tool to measure deviations of the current price from its moving average. High CCI readings indicate that the current price is too high compared to the average price. Low readings, on the contrary, signal that the current price is too low.


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